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Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a self contained server but it is shared on a physical machine which has other VPS's installed. Usually they have a low amout of disk space. These are ideal for small businesses that need less computing power and are starting to develop their IT infrastructure.

Why use a private server? We live in a world where company and personal information is becoming crucial and sensitive. By using well known services you run the risk of having your data used and sold to third parties for marketing and other purposes. With a private dedicated server this risk is reduced at the minimum as these servers are detached from the mentioned risks and fully handled by the customer.

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Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a proper standalone server that is entirely dedicated to the customer. It comes in various forms based on the requirements of the customer and can vary in computing power, RAM and disk space. A dedicated server is ideal for a company that has an already established IT infrastructure and that wants to improve it. All dedicated servers are phsyically located in data centers which are secured and have high bandwidth connections.

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Custom made projects

All companies have their own way of working and implementing their workflows. We specialize in making these methods reflect in your IT systems and software. We can create web applications that match exactly the way you work. This will enable you to focus completely on your business and not waste precious time in extra activities. We are also able to integrate numerous services under one platform.

Database administration

Collecting data in a company is crucial. Data analysis enables you to pinpoint issues in your workflow and take actions to correct the problems. A database server with a proper frontend can ease this process and make the whole flow easy to achieve. We can custom design these softwares for you in order to match your requirements and the way you need your information analysed.

Remote support and assistance

With the aid of modern software we can interact with your computers and give remote support and assistance. The only requirement is an active internet connection. Utilizing this method will save time AND money for your company and enable you to get immediate actions to solve your problems. Solving issues immediately will enbale your staff to be productive in the shortest time possible.

Consultancy services

We are always available for consultancy services to help you make the best decisions in regards to any IT related matter. Planning properly an infrastructure, making a road map for a software or selecting a software can be a critical issue. We are able to assist with our experience. Wrong choices can impact negatively your business and lead to loss of income and productivity.

Employee vetting

We have years of experience with Information Technology and this is at your service. Selecting the most qualified candidate for the position you are offering or checking if a current employee is qualified for handling IT related infrastructures is crucial. Mistakes can be costly so why not get someone professional to check on this? We can do Skype or direct interviews to assess the level of any person in regards to Information Technology, be it from basic usage to more complex tasks such as administration and programming.