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IT Consulting, Coding, Dedicated Servers, DB Admin, Employee Vetting and Project Management

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Need a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server? We can offer the best solution for your business. We will setup and manage the whole installation process and deliver a fully functional dedicated server or VPS which is always kept up to date and secure. Check why you should use a Private Server in our description section. Pricing can vary from a few dollar to higher amounts based on the computing power required. We will help you to pinpoint the exact configuration that is required to run your business and also plan ahead to not run into issues when expanding.

Programming and Scripting

We are open to requests for custom made projects. We can analyze your requirements and build applications that are inline with the specs required from your business. We use Android, PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and many more technologies to achieve this. A custom made solution ahs huge benefits and is not as costly as you think. We can take care of everything from the roadmap to the execution and deployment and offer a turn key solution.

Database Administration

We are specialized in Database Administration. Your data is important to get detailed information about the performance of your company. We can help you to setup and choose the correct database and build on it a platform to analyze your information. We can assist you to choose the correct solution and implement the front and backend to extract data from the source of your choice.

Support and Assistance

If you are having trouble with your IT infrastructure we offer remote support and assistance with the latest means. We can assist you to solve your IT issues and look for the best solution available. Remote support is crucial to getting problems soved quickly and efficiently in order to avoid down time and reducing idle time of your employees. We can assist from anywhere in thee world as long as your connectivity is up and running.

Consulting Services

Have a project or an idea but not sure how to make it work? We are here for that. We offer consultancy services to better guide you in your IT related decisions. Getting professional advice will help you to reduce your risks and save your money. Be it a project, a program or anything else related to Information Technology we can offer the best advice to guide you through the process in order to avoid you making a wrong decision that will negatively impact your business.

Employee Vetting

Checking the quality of your employees in relation to their IT qualifications is crucial. We can assess the grade of knowledge and qualifications of your employees so you can better understand if they are qualified for the position you have employed them for. We can also help you to interview potential employees in order to find the most qualified and professional person for the position you are offering.